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Law office

Topaloğlu Law Office was founded by Mustafa Topaloğlu in 1991.Topaloğlu Law Office, beyond adopting the supremacy of law and international legal principles, by means of having the nature of principle of connecting with clients who demands legal assistance in a transparent and effective manner and having the nature of not damaging ethical principles during protecting clients benefits has become well known and has reached prominent stage as a law office by the legal society.From the founding date to the present, most of our colleagues that used be trainee associate or associate in the team o..

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Corporate law and general corporate advisory; energy and mining law; intellectual property; real estate, zoning and construction law; competition law; capital market law; information technology and telecomunication; labor law; enforcement and bankruptcy law; insurance law; dispute resolution and litigation; personal data protection; bank and finance(bizim faaliyet alanlarinda bu yok); public and tax law