Topaloğlu Law Office

Topaloğlu Law Office was founded by Mustafa Topaloğlu in 1991.Topaloğlu Law Office, beyond adopting the supremacy of law and international legal principles, by means of having the nature of principle of connecting with clients who demands legal assistance in a transparent and effective manner and having the nature of not damaging ethical principles during protecting clients benefits has become well known and has reached prominent stage as a law office by the legal society.
From the founding date to the present, most of our colleagues that used be trainee associate or associate in the team of our Law Office within the scope of afore mentioned principles has been resuming their life by being judge-prosecutor and academician. Therefore, this situation is the pride of our Lae Office.
Until the recent times, the profession of “Lawyer” has been considered as a profession to be conducted individually. However, not only the increase of the transaction diversity in daily life but also legal disputes becoming much more complicated and additionally increasing work load has emerged the necessity of founding Law Office with more than one lawyer.
We would like to state that our law office has not stayed out of these necessities and provides the high quality legal service which is needed under the current situation by our associates who are the experts at their field and are following the recent regulations, books by means of technical infrastructure of our office. And every day keep on going on becoming much more corporate law office.
Topaloğlu Law Office always put the success of their clients in the first place. In this regard, always keep in touch with their clients, follow the sectors related with their sectors regarding any recent updates and accordingly by means of not only obtaining legal information but also obtaining commercial ones, deepens our information. Topaloğlu Law Office is providing in two offices located at İstanbul and Adana and cooperates with the other important trade centers all over the Turkey.

Topaloğlu Law Office keeps on doing business with domestic and foreign investors that have the need of legal assistance in Turkey. In the line of this legal assistance, our expertise fields are Commercial and Corporate Law, Mining Law, Maritime Law, Bank and Finance Law, Capital Market Law, Real Estate and Construction Law, Energy Law, Competition Law, Intellectual Property, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, Public and Tax Law, Arbitration, Labor Law, Insurance Law, Family Law.

Topaloğlu Law Office develops its legal service in accordance with the needs of clients and always seeks to provide legal services having the quality.
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